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The grand opera dreamed by Dali

    Salvador Dali is the only painter who also wrote a libretto for an opera-poem called “Être Dieu” (“To Be God”), a reflection of his personality. Dali began to write the libretto for this opera in the year 1927 together with Federico Garcia Lorca one afternoon in the Café Regina Victoria, Madrid. In 1974 Dali made a record of the opera in Paris for which Igor Wakhevitch wrote the music and the libretto was made by the Spanish writer Manuel Vazquez Montalban, in accordance with an expose by Dali. During the recording, however, Dali refused to follow Montalban's text word by word and began to improvise saying “Salvador Dali never repeats himself”.

 In 2004, Dali’s year, the Yugoslav musical producer Dragan Matic, who says to have all the rights on “Étre Dieu” and has defined himself as erudite of the work of the artist; wants to do “the great opera dreamed by Dali”  and to give it a scenic format for the first time. “Dali wanted to make a great surrealist representation but he never reached it”. “Birth, death, re-incarnation, Salvador Dali's musical magnum opus “Être Dieu” is an Operatic Poem in Five Parts that revolves around these life-long passions. This work presents Dali's interpretation of the story of creation”.

 Now, said the artistic director Petrika Ionesco, the event will be like a macro spectacle of more than one hundred artists in scene with a symphony orchestra and a great choir of voices. The new version would be like a musical comedy with influence of the rock music but it will conserve the voice of the genius Dali. Lluis Llongueras would be in charge of the costumes and the make-up. For the production of this ambitious project the construction and use of sophisticated technological resources of sound, image and illumination are being planned. Also, two platforms with a center that symbolizes the atelier of Dali, great screens that will project images of some of their works and the museum Gala Dali in Figueres (Gerona).

 The premier, which is expected to cost about eight millions euros, will be in October 2004 in Montjuïc, Barcelona and will be the beginning of an international concert tour. The opera illustrates the colossal chaos of the imagination of Dali, alternating music and his original voice. All the obsessions and passions of the artist are explained. “God comprises our entire world, which is the infinite way and also the material way”.



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