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Amanda Lear

    Gala Dali was not the only model, muse and inseparable partner of one of the most famous artists of the 20th century. Amanda Lear has been a model-turned-pop singer, painter and actress, who was also Dali’s muse, disciple and close friend of him and of his formidable wife Gala.

 Amanda was probably born in 1939 in Provence, France or Saigon from an English/French father who served for the French army in Indochina and an Asian/Russian mother. At the age of 16, Amanda went to Paris to study painting and then in 1964 to the famous St Martins School in London. “Dali was a genius who liked ambiguity and he used to talk to women as they were men”. The transexuality of Amanda looked attractive to the eye of Salvador Dali when she was publicly noticed in 1960 as an exotic showgirl and stripper known as “Peki d’Oslo”. One says that Dali met Peki at Le Carrousel, a transvestite revue in Paris, in 1959. Peki d'Oslo was the stage-name for Alain Tapp, who later would become Amanda Lear. His sex change operation, carried out in Casablanca, was probably paid for by Salvador Dali.

 In 1965, as an art student at the Beaux-Arts and model in Paris, Amanda met Salvador Dali one more time and became his constant companion, muse, disciple and confidante for the next two decades. “I knew nothing when I first met him…”, she admitted before Dali's death. “ …He taught me to see things through his eyes. Dali was my teacher. He let me use his brushes, his paint and his canvas, so that I could play around while he was painting for hours and hours in the same studio. Surrealism was a good school for me. Listening to Dali talk was better than going to art school”. She accompanied him and his wife on trips to Barcelona, Madrid, New York and Paris and spent every summer with Dali at his home in Cadaqués in Catalonia. Her house in southern France, near Avignon, was a farmhouse designed by Dali and contained a number of works of art by Spanish surrealist.

 Amanda Lear has been invited this year to Perpignan, France to celebrate the centennial of Dali, one of his greatest ambassadors by naming its railway station "The Centre of the Universe”.  The exhibition “LA VENUS AUX FOURRURES" with 16 lithography of Dali on the topic of "Venus to the Furs” for which Amanda Lear posed and a photography exposure called “Dali as seen by Amanda Lear” and Dali as seen by Yul Brynner” have been programmed as homage to Salvador Dali throughout the year 2004.



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