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There are several ways for 3D-viewing on computers:


LCD   Use alternate information for both eyes . You need special glasses that enable synchronically the proper side.

Red/Blue GLASSES  In this case, the information for both eyes are combined in one image that is separated again by the filtering action of red/blue colored glasses. (This is very chip, you may built your own glasses, or see link number 1 for free ones).

Polarized GLASSES Here, both images with perpendicularly polarized lights are combined. Polarized glasses ,may select the proper image to each eye.

ChromaDepthTM 3-D  They uses micro-optics based glasses that deviate light in each side depending upon the color. More in item 7 in  3D-Links.

Crossing Eyes In this way, both images are shown one side to the other and you must cross your eyes in order to overlap the pictures.

Parallel Viewing Here, both images are merged and you must relax the eyes muscles to see the 3D effect.

At present in this site, we will use the second technique. Thank you.








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* To watch anaglyph, You will need  redRed on left side - to see Dali in 3D on the left and  blue/ right . If you have Blue on left side - Don't show Dali in 3Dblue on the left and red/right click      HERE

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