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Dali Biography


Art Biographies

  Tour: What makes
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Dali, What Makes You Tick?
Philippe Halsman
Tour: Atomicus
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Dali Atomicus30x24
 Fine-Art Print
Philippe Halsman
Tour: Delicacies
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Dali's Delicacies
John Milan
Tour 1: Gala
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Salvador Dali
27x38 Wall Poster

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Gallery III

Gallery IV   Tour 2: Arc
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Salvador Dali24x36
 Wall Poster
Tour3 : Everlasting

The Everlasting Waters of Life. 8x10 Wall PosterJohn Ayes
Tour 4: Halsman


Tour 5: Voluptate

In Voluptate Mors
In Voluptate Mors
Halsman, Philippe
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Gallery IV-b  





Tour 6: National

8X10 $15.00 Salvador Dali National Archive
Tour 7: Alan Bortman

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Homage To Dali
Alan Bortman
24x32 Fine ...
Tour 8: Time

14 x 11 in $19.95
Tour 9: Bliss

Detail of Ayés portraiture art within Bliss Is
8x10 Wall Poster. John Ayes.
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Fuzzy Egg
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Dali Links

Tour 10: Parasol

Parasol by Salvador Dali
Image: 240 x 360 in  $6.95
Tour 11: Dandellion

Dandellion by Salvador Dali
Image: 240 x 360 in $695
Tour 12: Collection

Tour 13: Sue Carmicle
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Salvador Dali
Sue Carmicle
8x10 Wall P...
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  Tour 14: Mike Ross
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Salvadore Dali
Mike Roos
8x10 Reprin...
Tour 15: Andrew Fare
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Tribute to Dali
Andrew Fare
8x10 Wall P...
Tour 16: Persistence
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The Persistence of Memory, c.1931
25x19 Wall Poster
Tour 17: Darin Wheeler
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"Dali's World"
Darin Wheeler
10x8 Reprint Poster
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